Dancing Heart Class
I know what it is like to be in physical and emotional pain every day.

I also know that transformation is possible.

Take a journey with me and learn how movement can inspire you to heal.
— Teresa D'Angelo
Feeling good

Learning how to express ourselves is healing in itself.
Read more about Teresa's story featured on HealthCentral.com.

Love Love Move™ offers innovative classes and programs that will help you connect with your body and your life in an engaging and healthy way. Step into Nia®, Ageless Grace®, Moving Meditation Free Dance, and programs for chronic pain offered in locations throughout the NJ/NY Metro Area.

Condition your heart, bones, muscles, joints and sense of humor!

Feel more pleasure in your body, more often, through gentle movement.

Online program series for people with chronic pain coming in 2018.

Moving Meditation

Imagine yourself guided through a journey where your thoughts become quiet and your body is invited to move in a way that’s natural, with no “should’s” or “have to’s.” In this sacred space, you hear the music, receive the words, and witness your own expression coming through body shapes, breath, imagery and emotion.  More. . .


Nia® Experience

Welcome to transformational fitness for everyBODY. Nia is a practice that will help you feel alive in your body through cardio conditioning through a world of music that evokes imagination and emotion. Become more aware of your mind and body connection and develop more flexibility, mobility, strength, stability and agility. For people with pain, Nia Moving to Heal is the perfect class for you.  More. . .

Ageless Grace®

Move through play and smile! Ageless Grace is a cutting-edge Brain Health Fitness Program for people of all ages and abilities. Designed to be done in a chair, we activate all 5 functions of the brain and key muscular areas through simple movements that are natural and organic. Throw a football, paint a wall, play the clarinet or dance like the Rockettes!  More. . .