When we move, we connect. Together, we create.

Hello, I am Teresa D'Angelo. I am a dancer, a teacher, and practitioner of the healing arts. I love helping people move to feel better.

Live Love Move™ is about moving your body in a healing way, to connect more deeply to yourself and your life. I found a path through the dark days of illness, and I am here to share what I've learned. I have worked with people of all ages, from children to adults and older adults. My clients have different physical abilities and backgrounds . . . teachers, CEOs, scientists, nurses, therapists, and the list goes on. My specialty is helping people with chronic. Watch the testimonials to hear about their experiences. I hope you’ll join me!

Like you, perhaps, I started off life as a vibrant soul with fantastic dreams and a creative imagination. I desired to be a professional ballerina, which wasn't meant to be. After deep grief for this loss, I pushed dance out of my life and focused on television and radio broadcasting. Years later I switched to a business career that paid well and demanded much more of me. Over time, the REAL ME, the passionate and lively me, started to become quiet. My voice was shutting down and my body would soon follow.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) caused excruciating inflammation in my joints. It left me on the couch, sleeping away the days and not being able to turn a doorknob without severe pain. At times I couldn't walk or climb stairs to the bedroom. Through this "gift of illness" that lasted years, I was led to a healing movement practice called Nia. Dance always made me feel alive and now I got to move in a way that my body loved. Joy started to return!

At my first Nia class the instructor showed us a simple step and suggested I move in MY WAY.  I felt a wave of relief in my entire body, as if a large weight had been lifted. Immediately, I knew I had to learn and offer this amazing movement to others who were also in pain.

Movement heals and transforms us. It can help us feel better about ourselves. We hold “issues in our tissues” from past traumas that healing movement can help to release. 

Through private sessions, group classes and workshops that Live Love Move offers, you will learn to connect with your body and yourself in a new way, to discover the YOU that desires to be seen and heard. If you have never "danced" in your life, or if you are a professional dancer or athlete, or if you are an older adult, movement is adaptable to all body types and abilities.

My greatest joy is witnessing the “a-ha”moment people experience after a Nia®, Ageless Grace® or Moving Meditation class. People may come to class feeling tired, anxious, or overwhelmed and they leave feeling refreshed and energized. I’ve seen people literally change their lives because they found their voice through movement. I personally changed my life from a career that no longer fit to living my passion and helping others to shine from the inside out.


Teresa is creator of Live Love Move™. She is a 1st Degree Black Belt Nia® Instructor and Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner certified in Massage. She is expanding her credentials in becoming a Registered Dance Movement Therapy through the American Dance Therapy Association. She holds a Master of Science in Communications and has transitioned through careers in radio and television broadcasting, publishing, and large-scale change and project management with the world’s top-ranking professional services firm.

Teresa is living proof of how moving with awareness -- and enjoying it -- can help people feel alive again. She offers classes, private coaching, chronic pain programs and lifestyle workshops for businesses and organizations. She co-hosts Dwell In Possibilities, an annual women’s retreat for inspiration and renewal.

Visit www.nianow.com/teresa and www.polaritytherapy.org for more information on the work.