Love this button from

Love this button from

With the tragedy of so many hurting, I need to share this little story of light, gratitude and hope.

My ex-husband and his wife invited my husband and my father to Thanksgiving dinner this year. I was deeply touched to the core. Our son is now 22 years old and he witnessed a beautiful reunion with all of his remaining family present, some of whom I haven’t seen in years. I love each of them so much. Our breakup was long and sad and bitter at times, and I would have never, ever, imagined this moment years ago.

As I wrote in one of my Facebook group posts, my heart felt like the Grinch’s that grew bigger and bigger.  I feel I know more of what true Gratitude feels like.

Wishing you peace and hope, and the miracle of hearts opening. I am grateful for each precious moment.

If you are in Northern New Jersey, please join us for a Winter Soul-stice Moving Meditation on Friday, December 18, from 7-8:30 pm. Please register by Wednesday, December 16 at Benessere online or call 908-277-4080.