It's easy to be inspired in a new and comfortable environment. Everything seems shiny and there is fun in discovering. Vacation is a way to shift routine and perspective -- to experience something different -- or to experience the familiar in a different way.

Wouldn't it be nice to bottle inspiration and spray it on when we return to work and daily living routines? I think the answer is, we can, by experiencing inspiration in the simple things.

I am inspired with a deep peace I feel each time I visit Maui. This is home for my soul and I feel the spirit of Aloha -- which I translate as connection and respect for life force, nature and people.

The truth is, inspiration is always around us, if we seek it. When I'm back in New Jersey, my "bottled inspiration" is a walk outside with our dogs, having lunch with a dear friend, appreciating the flowers in my garden, dancing, music, and smiling. Inhaling the breath of life each day is the real vacation.

What is inspiring you today?

Try a movement class for inspiration and upcoming Dwell in Possibilities Retreat for Women!