When I was growing up I was told that giving to others was the greatest sign of Love. I was told it was good to sacrifice my comfort to help others. If I was to do something good for me first, that was considered selfish.

I suppose the airlines had not yet talked about putting the oxygen mask on yourself first to help the person next to you!

I am still learning to make choices of love for myself.


How do I know when the choice is coming from love?

  • my chest expands
  • I breathe easily
  • I smile
  • my spine lengthens

There is lightness in my being, I feel confident, and have a sense, "this is for me." In plain speak, I feel good!

Choices might be as simple as taking time for a hot bath, choosing a snack in the fridge or sitting down to read a book. More complex choices to stay or not stay in a relationship, change careers or move across the world may not be as easy to discern. These choices might be more clear by "tuning into" your body over a period of time.

Another sign of a love choice is that the process goes smoothly. That workshop might have one more spot available, a gift of money appears, or there are flight miles to spare. There are few or no obstacles on the path.

I am thankful for my study and practice of Nia and Polarity Therapy for teaching me how to listen to my body, and how to connect both my mind and body in making choices out of love for myself. When I do it this way, other people tend to benefit.

You can make a love choice right now. Think of a decision you need to make today. It could be as simple as what to do for dinner. Think about each choice then pause, close your eyes, and notice . . . your breathing (shallow or full),  notice your forehead, jaw and face, neck, shoulders and back as you consider each choice. Do you feel tense, tight and heavy, or light, relaxed and expansive? Are you at ease?

Make at least one love choice for yourself today and share your experience below!

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