I was on the quiet side most of my life, though I'm not shy. I've always enjoyed talking to people, teaching and performing. Hell, I was a radio DJ and weather anchor at one time! However, I didn't know how to speak up fully for myself, let people know what I believed, and let my truth be known. It was very scary for me to put myself out there.

I learned I could express myself fully through my body. Through shapes and movements, I could say what was going on inside of me -- the authentic version. As I danced more, my life began to change. I started to speak up more often.

I expressed through my body what had been bottled inside me for many years -- my voice.

I can tell you first-hand what healing movement and Nia, in particular, have done for me. The pain of not being able to move -- believing my body betrayed me – feeling physical pain and mental anguish, anger, frustration and isolation, all helped me to seek and find the gift of my voice through dance. This "conscious dance" helped me to become aware of my body as my partner in life, not a tool to be used.

Conscious movement comes in different forms. . . tai chi, chi gong, dance meditation, gardening, and many more. It's when we move with awareness, paying attention to how we are moving with the world around us.

Choose the practice that helps you to express yourself fully, and keeps you coming back for more. Your life will change.

With Joy,


Please inquire for movement designed to help with chronic pain.