Doctors, nurses, hospitals and western medicine, in general, get a bad rap (and in some cases, for good reasons).

Yes, there are many terrible stories of things that do go wrong. But how often do we hear about the times when things go well?

Photo by  Rodion Kutsaev

I had not one, not two, but three positive experiences at St Clare's Hospital in Denville, NJ over the past years. One incident happened last week.

I went to the emergency room because of strange things going on with my speech. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt safe and cared for as I was whisked away. In a matter of minutes there was a team of nurses and practitioners surrounding me and doing their thing.

Yes, it's the job of the ER staff to do things right, and do them fast. I also wish to acknowledge the details which meant so much to me:

  • One ER nurse asked if I had dinner and she got me a sandwich and drink because the cafe was closed. 
  • Another ER nurse brought me several heated blankets.
  • The triage nurse had a fantastic sense of humor.
  • The attendant who took me for testing said Saturday was the best day I could pick to come to the ER -- little-to-no-waiting. :)
  • The technician who did my scan took time to make me feel comfortable. 
  • Once I was admitted, the attending nurse apologized in advance that she would need to wake me up every 4 hours.
  • I did not even felt the pick from the phlebotomist.
  • The doctors took their time to discuss what happened afterward and offered  their recommendations in a kind manner.

I felt cared for and treated like a human being. Most importantly, I am feeling better.

Here's to all the nurses, doctors, practitioners, hospital and office staff and EMTs who do your jobs SO well, and probably do not receive the thanks you deserve. This acknowledgement is my heartfelt appreciation.

Teresa D'Angelo is a Healing Movement Specialist and founder of Live Love Move, offering classes and programs for people with chronic pain. Contact Teresa for more info.