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There is a book I bought as part of my Brown Belt training in the Nia® Technique years ago. It’s called, BodyStories by Andrea Olsen. It’s about our body’s intelligence and how movement of humans and everything around us affects our life.

Nothing has brought me closer to my body’s intelligence than Nia®. It has been a practice that I have taught for 14 years as of this writing. My relationship with this practice was born out of debilitating illness. I didn’t think I could ever walk without a cane, let alone dance and teach again. But, with help, I am blessed to be able to pass on the “movement message.”

The ability to be guided to express ourselves through movement is a gift. So much is held inside and pushed down, unless we have an outlet. Our experiences are held in our bodies. As one of my mentors said, “the issue is in the tissue.”

When we move in a way that is consciously and compassionately guided, it can open us to our own expansion and life’s possibilities. One student shared a remarkable breakthrough in class recently:

I had a powerful experience in today's class of reclaiming my body, especially my shoulders and upper chest -- my pectoral muscles. I felt their strength and vitality and I could almost say, "power," for the first time in my life.

This is a big deal. The awareness this person had of how they were moving, and discovering something new in their movement, allowed a feeling of power to come through.

Conscious movement is known to spark creativity, joy, curiosity and connection with other people. I personally have found that my life is more meaningful through my connection with my body.

My wish for you is to explore more for yourself — no matter what movement practice you choose.

Always with love,

Teresa D’Angelo
Nia 1st Degree Black Belt Instructor and Ageless Grace Brain & Body Health Educator