Nia Moving to Heal Series Returns FALL 2019


Nia Moving to Heal Series Returns FALL 2019

from 21.00

Moving to Heal - RETURNS Late Fall 2019

6-Session Package (advance payment) - $115.00 ($18.50 per class, includes cc fee)

Single Session (advance payment) $21.00 (includes cc fee)

At the door $25.00 (cash or check)

Nia Moving to Heal classes and private sessions offer the joy and pleasure of Classic Nia, with a special emphasis on “Feeling Better.” With an emphasis on body awareness using inspiring music and simple movements, the class is crafted to calm the nervous system, creating a sense of well being in body, mind and spirit.

Classes are designed for everyBODY, including individuals dealing high levels of stress, injury, long- or short-term illness, recovery, movement challenges, and/or for people looking for a more gentle somatic movement experience. This class teaches people to cultivate body awareness and to practice self-healing by listening to the voice of the body —  Sensation. (Chairs are available and participants are encouraged to use them, if needed.)

Teresa knows what it’s like to live with debilitating illness, and she knows the healing power of conscious movement and intention. She will guide you through the expressive arts of Nia in a gentle and joyful way. She is a Nia® 1st Degree Black Belt instructor with 15 years of dance and therapeutic healing arts experience. She has worked with children, adults of all ages and special populations. Teresa is the founder of Live Love Move, bringing the gift of movement through classes, retreats and workshops.

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Moving to Heal is a specialty Nia Class designed for people who might be in pain and want to simply feel better.

Moving in "Your Body's Way" you will become more aware of your body's messages and be free to move what you can.