Dwell In Possibilities

7th Annual Retreat for Women Coming 2018!

Be Inspired * Be Seen * Be Bold * Just Be

Dwell In Possibilities offers a simple yet deep experience to discover more about the woman you are now, the gifts you bring to the world, and ALL the possibilities that await you.

Join the ever-growing circle of women who have experienced DIP weekends throughout the years!

Teresa D'Angelo, Kim Lane and Lori Lynn Meader, DIP 2015, Lifebridge Sanctuary, Rosendale, NY

I don’t know where to begin. You two helped me realize and reach in and find my light, the light that was always there. I feel transformed and I continue to reap the benefits from DIP. I am forever changed, forever grateful. - B.H., 2016

 What seduced me to sign up for ‘Dwell In Possibilities?’ Two things – Teresa and Lori Lynn! I would recommend ‘DIP’ for anyone who hasn’t taken time for herself lately. It was a time to breathe, recharge, take stock of where I was . . . WHO I was . . . and we had such a great time celebrating, crying, being goofy, enjoying a glass of wine – all good things!
- K.L., NJ 2012

Soul Portraits, DIP 2015

Soul Portraits, DIP 2015

I am feeling SO grateful for the time we spent together. I am not the same woman who walked into Lifebridge a few months back. D-I-P started me on a path of self-acceptance, self-understanding, and self-love that has been blossoming ever since. Things about myself that I always viewed as defective or broken I now see as some of my greatest strengths. I have been art journaling every day (thank you Kim Lane for awakening the artist in me) and some very powerful and life-changing messages have come through for me. I still feel our circle of love and strength. Big group hug!
- Kirsten, NJ 2015

DIP 2013, Guest House, Chester, CT

DIP 2013, Guest House, Chester, CT

Soma Ranch

Soma Ranch

Your All-Inclusive D-I-P Weekend features:

  • Possibility Sessions — step onto your sacred playground and welcome the opportunity to "DIP Deeper” into yourself, your truth, and your dreams
  • Healing Movement — dance and sweat to soul-stirring music that evokes your expressive, authentic primal nature
  • Community — feel the depth and breadth of connection with other courageous women
  • Special Guest Session

Delicious, healthy meals, as organic as possible and plentiful portions!

Lori Lynn Meader and Teresa D'Angelo


Meet two gifted and experienced presenters

Teresa created Live Love Move from her personal experience with chronic pain, offering movement programs for people of all ages. She has 15 years in the healing arts as a Nia® Instructor and Polarity Therapy Practitioner, with past careers in business management and broadcasting. For more about Teresa's work visit live-love-move.com and nianow.com/teresa

Lori Lynn is an integrative psychotherapist (private practice in NYC), Nia Instructor and founder of Nia NJ. A true believer of reinvention, Lori Lynn enjoyed a professional musical theatre career, spanning many years, countries and roles. For more about Lori Lynn's work visit The Psychotherapy and Training Collective and nianow.com/lori-lynn-meader



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